Breakfast restaurant at Skibssmedien apartments

As an optional extra you can order your breakfast buffet at Hotel Skibssmedien Skagen

When you stay in the holiday apartments, you can choose to buy the breakfast buffet at Hotel Skibssmedien which is located right next to Skibssmedien Apartements. Our large breakfast buffet is ready for you and it contains everything you could wish for.

Breakfast buffet at Hotel Skibssmedien:

The breakfast buffet typically contains coffee/tea, freshly baked bread and a nice selection of rolls, also cheese, rolled meat and salami from butcher Munch Skagen, we've got home-made marmalade and juice, with most of our berries coming from the garden of Jane and Jens in Lønstrup. Besides this we also offer delicious Danish pastry as well as fresh fruits and different types of yoghurt.

morgen restaurant ferielejligheder

Morgen restaurant ferielejligheder Skagen

morgenbuffet ferielejligheder i Skagen